About Us

Do you have one service to manage your Email Campaigns and another for your Online Surveys? EmailsAndSurveys.com is an online service that enables you to better communicate with your audience because we give you all the tools of a Professional Marketing shop to meet your needs. Because we do more, means we can charge you less. That means you will have a higher return for your campaigns which means you have more Sales, Higher Profits or you can more effectively manage your Non-Profit Organization.

There is not a better tool available to support your business or non-profit. Not everyone needs to send an email campaign or survey every month. We are committed to Pay as You Go Pricing for customers that that need to send a only a few campaigns per year. Why pay every month if you are not using the Service?

Our goal is for you to grow. If you succeed, we all win.

EmailsandSurveys is committed to giving back to the community. We will give a portion of our revenue back to members of our community who need it most and our Veterans who gave all.

What we do:

Our platform allows everyone have access to the rich Email or SMS campaigns, Surveys and Assessments, and Land Pages & Forms to build your audience.

What makes www.emailsandsurveys.com different?

1.  There are many email providers. But how many will also let you send an SMS campaign?

2.  In any language?

3.  There are many survey providers. But which of them also has the ability to conduct an Assessment or launch a Form based on an answer?

4.  How many companies give you the ability to create free Landing Pages and Forms?

5.  Does your current provider charge you every month whether you use the Service or Not?

6.  The ability to use our powerful survey engine that includes Question Logic where the questions can change depending on the answer and the ability to create a Self Assessment which is a great way is to drive sales for your Product or Service.

EmailsAndSurveys.com is simply best platform for your business or non-profit to communicate with your audience to Increase Membership, Create Leads, Drive Sales and Provide Better Support. We are committed to building the most complete and easy to use solution in the market.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

www.emailsandsurveys.com is 100% committed to your satisfaction. If you ever feel we did not provide you value, please contact us at support@emailsandsurveys.com.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us! We do not want websites selling our information, so we will not sell yours. Feels only fair. We also promise to keep our emails to a minimum unless you opt in and would like to receive them. You can take a look at a Privacy Policy here.