Bulid Assessment

Create Online Assessments

There are many applications for assessments, it can be a sales tool, customer service tool, an evaluation tool for members of sports teams, or simply the ability to create an online exam. Assessments allow you to create a customized response to a survey. Assessments are a great way to drive sales to your product or service by highlighting what you do well to a potential customer which can create a lead and ultimately a sale. Assessments can also be used if you would like to get a more detailed and professional response to a survey which are an effective tool that measure how well you have provided a service to your customers. Assessments can be run from www.emailsandsurveys.com, emailed out, or run from your website and we even let you personalize the SEO tags so it can be listed by the major search engines.

Bulid Assessment

Survey Assessment

Surveys will tell you how people feel about a subject. Assessments communicate a message back to the respondent. Assessments are a great lead generation tool which can drive sales or achieve a number of different business goals. Assessments also have the ability to set thresholds that can alert you should contact a respondent about an inquiry. Assessments allow you to create a beautiful, professional response that will improve your messaging to your audience.

Bulid Assessment

Assessment Capabilities

Assessments give you the ability to set a summary and sectional based score. Summary level scores allow you to use to create your own labels and map them to number score. You can use traditional grades of A, B, C, D and F or create your own such as “Met Expectations”, “Partially Met”. “Expectations Not Met”.

Sectional measurements create a Pass, Warning, Fail type visual display based on a score from a survey. Sectional measurables are important to drive your key message. For an assessment to drive sales to a product or service, you might create 5 different sections, “Core Capabilities”, “Security”, “Business Alignment”, “Cost”, ”Support” and we will produce a professional report where you can communicate your value proposition by survey category.