It’s Simple. Pay-As-You-Go!

Use our marketing campaign tool to create performance based marketing and rock solid customer experience. Pay only when you send emails and messages. Save time, money and grow your business profitably.

It’s Simple. Pay-As-You-Go!

Create, Connect and Convert

It has never been easier to connect with your audience with our straightforward email campaign builder tool. Create fully customized and mobile optimized templates and display your brand at its best with precise adjustments to every aspect of your marketing campaign.
We offer marketing services to cover all aspects of your marketing including:

Email Marketing

Get this excellent email marketing platform to help you quickly build and send personalized email campaigns in any language and your contacts can set their language preference. Boost efficiency, grow loyalty and revenue by delivering the right message to the right person through the right channels. Build your automated Sales Funnel today.

SMS Campaign

Our SMS marketing platform enables you to reach more users with a faster and reliable SMS service. Connect with the right user at the right time with the right message. Use single interface to reach your customers- wherever they are. Create an effective SMS campaign to boost your business performance in real-time.

SMS Poll

We offer innovative, interactive and attractive SMS survey campaigns in different formats such as surveys, opinion polls, quizzes, etc. for your business. Run and manage unlimited number of SMS polls online with our tool to generate huge brand awareness and collect user’s feedback to grow your business faster.


Create online surveys with the help of powerful online survey tools for target market research, analyze your competitors, measure your brand awareness, test new campaigns. Our user-friendly online survey tool helps you make informed decisions with all your marketing efforts. Reach out to specific audiences and analyze the target market to grow your business.


Create and customize end-to-end assessment tests to survey your business. Our online assessment tool helps you build interactive questionnaires without any hassle. Build assessment tests online with our online test maker tool to collect customized responses. Get the complete assessment anytime and anywhere.


With our online form builder collect data for generating leads, distributing surveys, collecting payments and more. Create smarter campaigns to grow loyalty and revenue by collecting right data using our forms. Select from the different form templates and themes and customize efficiently to create bespoke forms for your marketing campaign.

Social Media Posting

Create strategies to tell your stories on social media to grow your business. Our simple and easy-to-use social media management posting tool helps in scheduling effective social media marketing campaign to a broad range of social networks. Social media management platforms allow you to customize each update to suit the social media network you are targeting. Move your customer base with your brand updates on timely manner.

Social Media Tracking

Not sure what your message should be for your Email or SMS campaign? Our social media tracking and monitoring management tool helps you in getting smart analytics insights about your user engagements in Social Media about your brand. What is working, what is not, when is the best time to post and everything in between, our social media management platform puts powerful analytics and tracking at your fingertips to quickly uncover critical insights about your brand, competitors, and market. And the best part, it's Free! We are here to support your Non-Profit or grow your business.


Segment your customers into like groups so you get the right message to the right person. Communicate with a group or just one person with Email, SMS, SMS Polls, Voice or even a Zoom Meeting for your remote customers. Visual communication and order history and set reminders and notes from your interactions with customers. Don’t buy a major CRM if you do need one. Its included for free!

Assess your current online marketing service provider

Assess your current online marketing service provider

Assess your current marketing email or survey provider now with

The Best Marketing Campaign Management Tool for Your Business

Automate tracking, delivery, reporting and analysis of your marketing campaigns for your business growth. Enable your team to support the operational requirements for successful campaign execution. Whether you are an individual or you have a marketing team plan and organize everything they need to keep their campaigns synchronized.

The Best Marketing Campaign Management Tool for Your Business

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