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Easily link with business applications and eCommerce platforms like Shopify and others to publish from one place.


Responsive customizable email templates for a powerful campaign that have been tested against different email clients.


Upload and store your contacts but segment them into logical groups to target people with the right template.


Create beautiful secure forms to grow your contact audience. Collect data with Surveys and Assessments integration.

Email Campaign Templates That Speaks

Email Campaign Templates That Speaks

Drive Audience Engagment Your Way!!

Email marketing is a powerful and cost-effective tool to promote your brand, build awareness, get customer insights, and grow your business. Do it all and much more with our robust business email marketing tool. Whether you are a startup business or a large-scale enterprise, from design and marketing to tracking audience behavior, our email campaign builder is multi-faceted and intuitive.

Easy drag and drop email builder enables you to create stunning email campaigns right from the scratch. Discuss your marketing needs to our experts and we will create professional-looking email templates that engage your customers and boost conversions.

Personalized Email Campaigns Be Yourself!

How can you make your audiences connect with your emails? Add a human touch. Whether you are welcoming your new leads onboard, showcasing a product launch or remarketing to your existing customers, you can personalize all your emails in just a few clicks. Our business email marketing software allows you to personalize each email based on audience interests, buying behavior and browsing history.

Consult our experts to create and customize email campaigns that personify your brand. Design emails that speak to your audiences directly, driving better engagement and conversions.

Personalized Email Campaigns Be Yourself!
Build it For Me

Build it For Me

Do not have the time or the energy? Have EmailsAndSurveys build you a template from one our World Class designers.

  • We can build you a template
  • Convert your existing templates
  • Create you a logo
  • Build Your Social Media Pages
  • Best Email Marketing Platform


    Design, send, and analyze high-impact email marketing campaigns

  • Smart & Intuitive Email Builder Wizard

    Smart & Intuitive Email Builder Wizard

    Want to create an everlasting brand impression with emails? Our online email template builder is simple yet intuitive to integrate all your email marketing needs. The easy-to-use wizard will help you start your email campaign step by step, creating a captivating HTML-based or text-based email that will be pixel perfect because we have an embedded image editor if it is needed. Build impactful email campaigns for multiple devices in any language and then perform a SPAM check on your campaign when you are ready to send.

  • Easy Customization with Dynamic Content

    Easy Customization with Dynamic Content

    Personalizing your emails has never been so easy before! Choose from an array of ready-to-customize email templates or you can build one right from the scratch. Every step of your email campaign building can be tailored to meet your needs and engage your audience meaningfully. Track consumer behavior and get custom reports for your email campaigns.

  • Simple Drag-and-Drop Visual Editor

    Simple Drag-and-Drop Visual Editor

    With EmailsAndSurveys.com, building an email template is a breeze. No more complex coding; no more wasting your valuable time. You can create your own email campaigns using our drag-and-drop WYSIWIG editor and see how the email will exactly look and feel on the device it will be viewed on.

  • Responsive Email Campaigns

    Responsive Email Campaigns

    Build once and run everywhere. Our email campaigns can be landing pages and landing pages can be email campaigns. Our HTML email template builder will automatically change the way your brand message will look and feel depending on the device it is viewed. Auto-translate option allows you to personalize the email based on the language your audience understand.

  • Audience Segmentation Made Easy

    Audience Segmentation Made Easy

    We have the best email marketing tools that allow you to source ten unique User Defined Fields to personalize your campaigns. Seamlessly segment your contact group or audience by any preferred field to ensure only the right people get your emails. Smart audience targeting helps achieve a higher open rate and better conversions for your email campaigns.

  • Create and Manage Your Own Media Library

    Create and Manage Your Own Media Library

    Never worry about media storage when it comes to building email campaigns with us. Our business email marketing tool provides you with abundant storage space to save and reuse all media content you used in earlier emails. Not happy with our storage? Easily integrate your media library with online cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, Google, or One Drive.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Comprehensive Reporting

    We also provide the option to track your email campaign performance and get custom reporting. You can seamlessly monitor how many emails are sent, percentage of delivery, the open rate, bounce rate, and other parameters. This enables you to make the most of your email marketing campaigns.

  • A/B Testing

    A/B Testing

    A/B testing is a user experience research methodology that consist of a experiment with two variants, A and B. It allows you to know which message is your customer resonating with and responding to.

  • Integrated Sales Application

    Integrated Sales Application

    Easily integrate and use your product catalog with our editor from Shopify, BigCommerce and other online ecommerce site.

  • Multilignugal Emails

    Multilignugal Emails

    Speak to your customer in the language they understand. We will convert the native language in which you composed the message to the language your customer understands.

  • Online Cloud Drive Access

    Online Cloud Drive Access

    Easily access your online cloud drive from our editor to access your digital images. We work with Google Drive, OneDirve, and DropBox.

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Create responsive templates, customize your emails, automate your campaigns, connect your website or store and gain more customer insights.