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Working with Fields in Your Contact List

/ Working with Fields in Your Contact List

EmailsAndSurveys.com has full support for sourcing fields in your Contact List  for your email campaigns.  We currently support 10, but if you need more, please contact us and explain your use case.  Fields in your Contact List can be used for anything to customized a personal creating  to listing what products were bought or what soccer team they have been assigned.  Customizing your HTML email with a personal greeting of their first name  is extremely important to ensure your emails get opened and viewed and we do not recommend not sending an email without tailoring the email to your members of your contact list.

To source one of your Contact Fields contact fields, ensure you have create a group with user defined fields defined and upload a contact list or use our user interface to create some records.  With in a text block, just simple click one of your contact fields and it will auto populate in our WYSIWYG editor.


Working with Fields in Your Contact List