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For Domain and Email Verification

/ For Domain and Email Verification

Your email header is a critical element in the calculation of what SPAM is. There are SPAM filters that can exist in your email client, your hosting company, and most internet email companies such as Hotmail and Gmail provide SPAM protection. Our best practice is to go through our process to validate your Domain with your domain authority. You will find this in the upper right hand menu under "Domain and Email Verification".

EmailsAndSurveys allows you to use your domain, but you must go through our Domain Validation Process. You can also use a Gmail account. Hotmail is not supported.  

There are 2 things you can do to prevent SPAM because some email clients will send all email to Junk until it is explicitly approved.

Send a text based email and introduce yourself and tell your contacts to check their JUNK or SPAM folders for this email and create your sender address as a Contact.  You can also configure your email client to trust the sender address that you will use to send email.

Send a similar message via SMS. SMS messages have a very high view rate and can be used when you need all your members to view your message.