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A survey is a powerful marketing tool today. It helps you understand what the target audience (employees, customers, etc.) feels and thinks about your brand, and most importantly – what they want. Every organization has unique requirements to create surveys online. And our feature-rich online survey maker is the one-stop solution for all your needs.

Our online survey builder can help create a professional survey whatever be your requirements. Create employee surveys, customer satisfaction questionnaires, non-profit research surveys or guest feedback forms – we have you covered! With 8 question types and cutting-edge features like conditioning or skip logic, build a perfect survey that has a high completion rate.

Online Survey Maker
Fully-Customizable Surveys for Effective Brand Building

Fully-Customizable Surveys for Effective Brand Building

Want your online surveys to be in line with your brand presence? Create a custom survey with your brand! Our smart and intuitive survey maker enables you to build a strong brand image by creating surveys that resemble the aesthetics of your website, team colors, marketing collaterals, or just any style. Build surveys in minutes and reach your target audience across all devices.

The surveys are built on CSS to replicate any style and feel, while you can pick from hundreds of customizable themes and templates to create an online survey that stands out. Choose any image, color, font style or simply create custom surveys with your logo to build a strong brand presence. All styles are 100% customizable!

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    Advanced Features that will Make your Survey Stand Out

  • Easy Customization

    Easy Customization

    With our online survey builder, you have the ability to customize the surveys with any desired style and colors that reflect the look and feel of your brand. This helps build credibility, attracting more respondents to participate. Advanced survey customization features enable you to integrate from 8 different question types to fully personalize the survey the way you want. Simple drag-and-drop questions and multiple customizable options help build a survey in minutes.

  • Advanced Personalization

    Advanced Personalization

    Online surveys are an effective marketing tool that helps build your brand. Build surveys using the wizard and personalize it with auto-fill options, piping, custom end page, conditioning, and more. Create custom surveys with your logo that adds a more personalized touch to the survey, helping the respondents to engage with your brand.

  • Multi-Language Surveys

    Multi-Language Surveys

    Do you want to target respondents with different linguistic backgrounds? Create surveys in multiple languages and collect more data from a wide audience base. Our powerful online survey tool allows you to choose from over 20+ languages to make the survey more personalized and achieve better completion rates than standard English surveys.

  • Responsive Layout

    Responsive Layout

    Reach a wider audience base with responsive survey designs, built to deliver improved user experience across all devices. See a preview of how the survey will appear on different devices and offer a more immersive experience. Create online survey for every screen size so that the respondents can take your surveys from anywhere.

  • Highly Secure Online Surveys

    Highly Secure Online Surveys

    EmailsAndSurveys also lets you keep the survey information absolutely secure and confidential. We use a fully secure SSL encryption model that ensures the responses captured are fully secure against third-party distortions. Improve the quality of your surveys with our advanced and secure user-friendly online survey tool.

  • Build a Survey for Almost Anything

    Build a Survey for Almost Anything

    Our simple and customizable survey builder enables you to create a survey for anything – brand development, product experience, customer feedback, employee experience, etc. Our core solution is built to scale as per your unique survey requirements. Drive engagement, inspire responses, and achieve a high completion rate with our outstanding survey solution online.

  • Sending Surveys

    Sending Surveys

    There have never been better ways to reach your target audience! Our online survey builder allows you to host your survey URL on other relevant websites and attract visitors to respond. Embedded sharing option also allows your respondents to share the survey with others, inviting them to participate.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Analytics & Reporting

    We also provide the ability to analyze the data collected from online surveys with our comprehensive reports and actionable insights. Get real-time reports or filtered responses that are easily shareable and available in varied export formats. The ability to report at the Club, Team, Coach level or Company, Organization, Manager with demographics.

  • Branching and Logic

    Branching and Logic

    Use our skip logic feature to change what next question will be asked based on respondent current answer. Our conditional branching creates a custom path through the survey for each participant based on their individual response. Branching logic will help you collect data that matter to the individual. For example, you survey might have question specific to male and female. Using skip logic, you can ask question to each gender that matters to them.

  • Theme Designer

    Theme Designer

    You can change the appearance of your survey by changing the color, fonts, and background by applying different theme. Professionally built themes to help you make impact on your surveys. We have created varieties of templates that will make your survey standout. You can pick from our collection in our themes gallery or make your own by customizing the existing theme. From fonts, colors, to backgrounds select what makes your brand stand out.

Why Our Online Surveys Get More Responses?

Our surveys are simple, crisp, and easy-to-understand that enables the respondents to complete them really fast.