About US

We have worked in the software industry for over 25 years and we have seen what good software companies can do and the harm when profits come before customers. We are inspired by the Google model where your first goal is to do “Good”.

We've developed a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to support the growth and management of your Small Business or Non-Profit. Beginning with EmailsAndSurveys, our platform has evolved into a next-generation holistic marketing solution, offering a range of choices and options for engaging with your customers.

We don’t do cost-benefit analysis for how many users will use a feature. If it helps a customer, it gets productized. If you have a better idea than we do, it gets adopted. The crowd-sourcing model works and benefits everyone.

We don’t do misleading monthly plans and unknown feature sets. We treat you like we want to be treated when it comes to billing. When you want to stop using the service, it stops. We don’t sell credits so in the end you pay for a service, you never use. If you are not happy, we will refund your money.

So what “Good” does EmailsAndSurveys do?

1. We are investing and enriching our CRM, which will always be free to all Small Businesses and Non-Profits. It is hard to get a small business off the ground. We Know.

2. We are committed to our Pay As You Go Model. Not all businesses need to campaign every month.

3. We are a veteran-owned business that commits 10% of all our profits to assist Veterans, because All Gave Some, but Some Gave All.

We have many more interesting developments regarding AI, and yes, a new name will be announced soon. We highly recommend that you follow us on your preferred social media channels for updates.

Mike Hoyman & Sarju Patel