Organize and manage your contacts

Communicate with a group or just one persona via email and SMS campaigns, surveys, and polls. View customer histories, set reminders, and track everything, so you always feel on top of your sales funnel coordination.


Manage your contacts with ease

Manage Contacts

Keep your contacts up to date. Our CRM system can notify you as new members opt in and when an email address or SMS is no longer valid.

Custom Fields

Collect rich and useful data unique to your needs with custom contact fields.

Unlimited Groups

Organize your lists of contacts based on the parameter of your choice such as interests, demographics, occupation, location, etc.

Synchronize Contacts

Intuitively migrate your data, no matter where it’s coming from, i.e. QuickBooks Online, CVS, Excel, MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.


Create first rate forms & multi-page landing pages that can be embedded into any site with optional stunning visual effects. Don’t settle for Google forms or feel the need to buy forms from a provider. Save the money they are included!


Streamline your customer outreach

Unsubscribed List

We take GDPR compliance as seriously, and all recipients have the ability to opt out of any email or text communication.

Remove Duplicates

Keep your contact lists clean with our automatic duplicate detection feature.

Detail Contact Log

Your sales team can keep a detailed, chronological record of every touchpoint they have with a contact on your list.

Bad Email & SMS flags

Maintain clean data with our automatic bad email detection, and protect your domain integrity by keeping that bounce rate low.

Contact Segments

Further divide your audience based on their activity, i.e. automatically follow up with contacts who opened or clicked a link in your last campaign.

Connect with your customers

1-to-1 Chat

Take email and SMS marketing to the next level, and communicate with your audience directly and instantly with our Chat feature.

Zoom Meeting

Built-in ability to set up a Zoom call with any member of your audience.

Voice Calls

Chatting too much and want to call your contact directly? Just click the icon!

SMS Polls

Easily send a SMS poll to your customer. A great way to get more Google reviews!



Connect Your Calendar

Synchronize your Office 365 or Google calendar and create events and reminders.

Connect with Your Customers

Schedule Email and SMS reminders for meeting invites and future sales opportunities.

Built In Calendary Functionality

Allow your Sales Leads to put meetings right into your Calendar.