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Create valid and seamless online assessments quickly with our online assessment platform. You can easily set up and configure flexible result sets. Our online assessment tool helps you build interactive questionnaires without any hassle. Build assessment tests online with our online test maker tool to build customized responses. Get the complete assessment anytime and anywhere.

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Assess your business, processes and teams to grow your company, consistently

Easily choose from a number of assessment formats such as skills tests, etc. to start with intuitive reporting and performance monitoring. Build and execute different assessment tests to make your business and teams grow with constant evolution and market trends. Use the tool in business, education, IT, security, skill and peer assessments.

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Online Assessment

Measure candidate ability, skills, personality in a highly secured setup

Assessments are great when a customer may not understand the business value of your solution. Ask then questions about their solution to enforce your competitive advantage. EmailsAndSurveys has seen our assessments drive 70% of a customer pipeline.

Create an assessment test or form online with Go To Logic and set your own custom scoring system so that you can easily evaluate your teams and processes efficiently. Add your own questions as per specific competency. It becomes easy to analyze different teams and departments to streamline all your business at one convenient dashboard.

Ability to have a summary result and a detail result by your categories with a PDF report. Results are also available within our Reporting system that include graphical results and the ability to drill down into different aspects of your assessment or report.

The online assessment tool is easily accessible from anywhere on any desktop or mobile device. Reach more audience faster with your PCs, tablets or mobile phones. Conduct online assessments at your fingertip anytime from anywhere.

Run it on your website. We understand the importance of your business brand. Our assessment building and sharing tool lets you customize your look and feel to reflect your brand. You can easily customize the interface background, upload logo, and edit color scheme to your specifications. Get everything and assess your business effectively.

To cater the wide and diverse international audience our online assessment tool facilitates assessment tests in many languages and enables users to multilingual interactions. Conducting online surveys has never been so easy and efficient while performing assessments to a diverse market of many languages. Create assessment tests in many languages and collect results in one dashboard.

Use in-built online assessments modules in various formats to add images with modified visual attributes: size, contrast and category. The technology plays a crucial role in participant login, screen calibration, and multiple object tracking tasks. Use multiple visual thresholds to create an assessment as per your requirements and collect data to grow your business.

Add forms to your survey or test using powerful online forms without any technical hassle. Customize the form as per your need and start collecting leads.. Once a customer clicks on the call to action they are taken directly to a fast-loading, mobile-friendly assessment form.

Get a single dashboard to manage all the feedback and you can easily assign any custom attribute to performance feedback. Browse all your survey responses to view your feedback reports in real-time. Use our online assessment tool and its powerful filtering functions to segment your data to any chosen criteria. Easily share your data into different formats.

Choose From a Range of
Online Assessment Types

Risk Assessments

This is how we got started. The online assessment tool is one of the most versatile and has gap analysis, risk assessment and treatment and business continuity management in it. It makes you record and manage risk in a project with a web-based user interface.

Educational Assessments

Educational assessments are important to refine programs and improve student learning. Our online assessment platform helps you document knowledge, attitudes, skills, and beliefs in a measurable style. Create assessment tests for institutions, schools, classes, exams online.

IT Assessments

Get a better understanding of your current IT environment to better align to all the business goals and objectives. Our online assessment tool is designed to provide an in-depth overview of your current technology and infrastructure. Analyze an expansive range of IT functional areas such as data storage, server infrastructure, network infrastructure, business services and applications to help you meet your business needs.

Security Assessments

Take IT security assessments on time to ensure your business against the latest threats. Our online security assessment tool provides transparency and helps your business with actionable recommendations to harden your security posture. Explore our security assessment tool and get a better security tips to bullet-proof your business

Company Assessments

Our company assessment tool is designed to assist companies in the identification of their priority development needs. The tool is helpful to assess programmatic capacity to support project implementation. Easily assess the progress over time of the operational growth.

Employee Assessments

Easily conduct tests and assessments online with our employee assessment tool and hire the best candidate for your company. Our tool helps you build and streamline recruitment and growth processes for your organization so that you can make the right decision for the right and deserving employee. Take assessments online and promote employee engagement and collaboration.

Training Assessments

The online training assessment tool is built for taking tests and exams online so that you can spot the right talent to train well. . Our assessment platform helps trainers online test different training methods and styles to keep up with the best. The assessment tests can be accessed by users anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Preformance Assessments

Make your performance appraisal process simple and efficient with our online assessment platform. It will help you spot, reward and retain the top performers. Take performance tests online and help your human resource teams, line managers and employees to make the right decisions and make it valuable for your business.

Individual Assessments

Very popular with sports teams where coaches or clubs can assess their players and track their development over time. Ability to define categories as required for the specific sport is a key feature.