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Promoted Articles domain verification process wizard give you a unique SPF and DKIM key to add to your domain DNS server. Adding DKIM and SPF keys to your DNS tells the receiving mail servers like,,,, and that you have authorized our mail servers to send email on your behalf

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f you forget your password, please follow these steps

1. Click the password reset link

2. Answer your Password Reset Question

In compliance with European Privacy directive GDPR, we support your right to be forgotten. To remove all your data from our system follow these 3 easy steps.

Getting Started

1. We recommend you download a sample data csv file to understand the file format.

2. We support up to 10 User Defined Fields (UDF). Each CSV MUST have the following column headers at minimum: Email, First Name, Last Name. Your import file 1st line should be header line that contains name of the field.

3. Once your file has been uploaded to our server a green check mark will appear with message “File Upload Completed”.

4. Click the “Process File” button and follow the wizard instructions to complete the process.

5. We support a maximum of 256MB file upload. If you have bigger then 256 MB file please contact us so we can discuss how you want to use our Services.

6. Uploading large files can be time consuming and introduce alot of load on the site because we are encrypting and tokenizing your data. You can break up your files into multiple uploads and load in the same group

Registration is simple to do. You can register for free so you can try our Email or Surveys functionality, but you will be prompted for a Credit Card before you can do an SMS campaign or an Assessment. You will not be billed until you have accrued 5.00 in changes. 

You can register at this link


And get more information on pricing here

In compliance with European Privacy directive GDPR, we support your right to be forgotten. To remove all your data from our system follow these 3 easy steps.

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Trusted Email Delivery

It is important that you email provider has quality secure email capabilities. Listed below are the steps we have taken to ensure our email reputation is high. In addition to these steps, we send a copy of your email to our accounts so we can monitor for any customer misusing our platform. 

We will not tolerate aggressive marketers who SPAM potential customers We will not tolerate customers who use contacts lists where users have not opted in to receive email. 

We will not tolerate our platform to be a delivery vehicle for extreme viewpoints

EmailsAndSurveys supports 2 methods to identify who you are when accessing your account. Your username will be your email address and you have a password and your Security Questions.

We also supported Trusted Authenication or MFA (Multi-Factor Authenication) where you can associate your phone number to your account and we will send you a pin if you forget your password. You will also need to get a pin each time you access your account.

We highly recommend you set up MFA for your account.

EmailsAndSurveys allow you to synch your contacts from Quickbooks online. The fields we synch are First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone number and Cell Phone and the address.

To import you Quickbooks Contacts just follow these 4 easy steps.

Listed below will be the different options you can set in your Profile. They include youo account information, resetting your password, setting up 2 factor authenication, setting your communication preferences, releasing your sms phone numbers and enabling monthly billing.


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