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Create SMS poll online as a powerful marketing tool to reach the audience who are constantly on the go. Text messages are an effective customer feedback channel that has a high response rate – 7.5 times greater and 60 times faster than online surveys. Additionally, people are more likely to provide accurate feedback over SMS than any other polling platform.

Leverage our advanced text survey tool to create an SMS poll that keeps your members engaged, drive rich survey data, and build a strong brand reputation. Create SMS poll with EmailsAndSurveys and make your text survey a success. Reach a broad range of respondents at budget-friendly prices!

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At EmailsAndSurveys, create and send mobile survey with our powerful and intuitive SMS polling tool. No complex hardware or software required; get started in a jiffy and create the most compelling text message survey that is simple, fast, and engaging. Your target audience gives feedback by sending an SMS from their mobile device. The SMS surveys we create have a higher response rate because 90% of the messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving them.

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Text Message Surveys Made Simple & Powerful

With our conditional questions, send happy customers to give positive reviews which drives your SEO and be able to contact customers quickly who had a bad experience.

Create SMS polls online in less than a minute with our robust text message survey builder. Design any number of text message polls and use our interactive dashboard to activate the one that meets your survey needs. Intuitive questioning helps spark an immersive conversation and drive better responses.

Create an online poll and send via text messages to any targeted group. Our SMS poll is most suitable for industry-wide applications such as students and educators, market researchers, event planners and promoters, non-profit organizations, public speakers, corporate brands, restaurants & hotels, travel and tourism, and more.

Using our advanced text message polling system, you can build SMS survey campaigns for audiences located anywhere in the U.S. If you have the phone numbers, we have you covered. Reach a wide set of audience in a most targeted and efficient manner through SMS polling.

Unlike any other form of polling or survey, text messages allow gathering more accurate and genuine feedback from the audience. It is a form of collecting live responses, which is more likely to be precise and authentic. This enables you to collect more specific data that can aid in effective decision-making.

We offer an array of smart customization features that allow you to design the best SMS poll for your organization. Customize screen templates or choose from a wide range of SMS survey question types to make the poll more engaging with a high response rate. Tabulate the responses the way you want and collect real-time results.

Collect feedback from your audience using SMS survey and send the results directly to your mobile or any device. Track results using real-time charts and graphs. Customize how real-time polling results are being displayed.

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