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The powerful social media monitoring tool to manage your brand on social media. It helps you find online conversations that matter with the help of keyword tracking. It will help you save huge time in post tracking all activities at one place. It’s easier to get noticed and check all the conversations in real-time. Track and engage your audience to improve your social presence with important metrics. Manage all your posts efficiently and effortlessly.

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Get Real-Time Data with Real-Time Alerts

Collect useful user’s data to understand what people want. Our social media monitoring tool will help you understand the conversation and share reports on real-time to create viral posts. Rediscover what is happening in an online conversation and never miss a chance to create a big impact. We offer you one simple dashboard for your social media analytics and reporting. Share posts and track performance from one intuitive dashboard.

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Social Media Tracker

Get in-depth insights about your followers, interactions, and engagements

The versatile social media tracking tool helps you cater all important metrics such as post reach, volume, engagement, acquisition, influence, conversation, bounce rate and click-through rate to measure the performance. Get this amazing tool to track and measure social presence of your business. Track your numbers over time and pay attention to how they change. Perform well on these metrics to grow your brand over time.

Manual post analysis is a thing of the past! It has become easy to report on social media campaigns with account analytics. Sneak-peek into the user’s data and you can see how your social media accounts are performing. Understand what type of posts are performing well helping you get followers and engagement and what type of posts are just a waste of time. Get unlimited reports with updated data every time.

Measure and analyze the performance of your content on different social networks. Get a broad understanding of performance of your business stories across multiple accounts. Automate and publish your success and user’s stories online. Analyze results and optimize your performance as you go. Simply, manage all your beautifully crafted stories in one simple dashboard to grow the engagements.

Knowing your users will help you grow fast. We help you understand your audience and build marketing personas with greater detail. The feature helps you widen your audience, no matter if you are trying to reach Generation Z or Millennial. Use our content demographic data and figure out which network you need to focus on. Analyze and discover your own audience demographic to reach the right audience through right channels.

We understand the importance of your business branding. Add your own branding or logo to present a unified front to your users. Get custom white-labeled reports with our social media post tracker tool. Easily adapt your reports to your specific needs and style. You can select the metrics and highlight the information you care about. White-label your social media reports with your own agency or business branding.