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View Reports on Email Delivery

/ View Reports on Email Delivery

EmailsAndSurveys has a comprehensive set of reports to view the impact of your email campaign.  We can report on deliveries, bounces, unsubscribed as well emails opened, and which links were clicked or opened.  We also can report the actual email address activity.

To access your reports go to My Campaigns > Email Campaigns

Step 1

Step 2

You will see a separate report for every time you campaign was run.  Click the Pie Icon on the right side.

Step 3

You will be presented with a Dashboard for of your campaign that display the successful deliveries, unsubscribes and bounces.  You can also view the open rate, links that were clicked and revisited and clicked.

Step 4

The links sub report shows you the links in the campaign and the number of times they were clicked.

Step 5

The member sub report display your contacts activity in the Email Campaign.

Step 6

And the sources sub report will display what links were opened by a computer or a mobile app.