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EmailsAndSurveys Email Protocols and Standards

/ EmailsAndSurveys Email Protocols and Standards

More about our Nice Slow Email Servers

Trusted Email Delivery

It is important that you email provider has quality secure email capabilities.  Listed below are the steps we have taken to ensure our email reputation is high.  In addition to these steps, we send a copy of your email to our accounts so we can monitor for any customer misusing our platform. 

  1. EmailsAndSurveys owns our own IP block or IP addresses
  2. EmailsAndSurveys has built in redundancy to reply depending on a bounce reason
  3. EmailsAndSurveys will use the same IP for a customer for every campaign
  4. EmailsAndSurveys has built in SPAM deduction.  Please Use It.
  5. EmailsAndSurveys will slow down a sending rate as bounces increase and speed up for trusted email accounts.
  6. We will not tolerate aggressive marketers who SPAM potential customers
  7. We will not tolerate customers who use contacts lists where users have not opted in to receive email. 
  8. We will not tolerate our platform to be a delivery vehicle for extreme viewpoints
IP Address We own all our public IP addresses
DNS                    Google's Cloud DNS  ensures high quality DNS Service around the World and in Google's infrastructure (GMAIL)
DMARC Policy Set
SPF Policy Set
DKIM Policy Set
Mail Servers       Leverage Signed Certificates
Trusted Path Policy Set
www.abuse.net Registered

Email Template Testing and Certification

EmailsAndSurveys validates all our email templates on 90 different email clients using Email On Acid testing platform who is the industry leader in testing email campaigns.  Our html editor will produce a responsive email that works in all browser based email clients including Outlook Clients and Office365.