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EmailsAndSurveys is committed to creating a full-featured free CRM that any small business can use.  You will soon see Zoom Conferences and the ability to take and receive phone calls in the product.  From Left to Right, you can Create a Group, Edit a Group Name, Delete a Group, Verify the Email Addresses in a Group, and Opt-In or allow your customers to maintain their data and collect email addresses and phone numbers.

Once you have selected a Group, your groups can be segmented by any field in your contact list.  Please see the related article on the capability.  You can then add a contact, edit a contact,  or import a contact from a CSV, XLS, Quickbooks, MailChimp, Constant Contact, or SalesForce.  You export or move a contact, delete a contact, send a Text or Email asking a User to Opt-In and help  

What Happens if My Campaign Gets Stopped Because of Too Many Bounces?

If you have an email that has bounced or has been reported as invalid by Zerobounce, those contacts will be moved to the Bad Email/SMS folder.  You are welcome to correct the data and try again.  If you get more than 6% bounces on your campaign we will require you to verify your emails with Zerobounce.  To verify a group, just click the icon 4th over from the left side of the page and your list will get validated and you can proceed with your campaigns.  Even though your list may become smaller, it becomes more valuable. A clean validated customer list of 1000 contacts who have opt-in is much more valuable than 2,000 contacts that will bounce and users who have not opt-in.


If a User has unsubscribed, you can not change their status or remove them from the CRM.  if you try and reimport a CSV, the user will be skipped.  However, if you have information the user has changed their mind, you may send them a Opt-In link under the Actions column and the contact can change their communication preferences.  EmailsAndSurveys is an industry leader in giving you and your customer the flexibility to opt-in and opt-out while maintaining privacy regulations.