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SMS Conversations in EmailsAndSurveys

/ SMS Conversations in EmailsAndSurveys

EmailsAndSurveys is also a full service SMS provider where you can not only send a SMS campaign, but also chat 1 on 1 with your contacts in My CRM.

To chat with your members use the follow steps.  Make sure you have bought a phone number first, you can do this by creating a SMS campaign.  You don't need to send the campaign.

Step 1

The first step is go to to My CRM and select the group that has the contact and double click your contact to go into the details



Step 2

Once your in contact details double click the blue chat icon on the far right.



Step 3

If you do not bought a phone number, you will receive an error. If you have a phone number you can start to type your SMS message. We recommend having a different phone number for chat then you do for SMS broadcast, but you can share a phone number. If you share a phone number, you can NOT do a broadcast and chat with the customers at the same time. Replies will either go to the Broadcast or to chat. So, you will prompt to open or close Broadcast or Chat.



Step 4

If your contact replies, you will see the reply as show below.  You can optionally close the conversation, that will prevent your contact from texting you again which can prevent any unwanted charges.


 Step 5

As you scroll down you can see a history of your communication