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Discover The Most Effective Strategies for Survey

/ Discover The Most Effective Strategies for Survey

Surveys can have a participation rate as low as under 5 percent. The good news is you do not have to get a lot of responses to understand how your participates feel about a subject.

Here are some things you can do to improve the results.

  1. Don't make the survey too long.
  2. Brand the Survey in your look at feel so the person taking the survey identifies this survey with your product/service.
  3. Use our demographic questions to help understand your audience better.
  4. Create your own if there are ones we do not have.
  5. Use Skip-to Questions to make the survey relevant to the person.  For instance men may get one question, women a different question.
  6. Put the Survey on your website with our code snippet and email it out to your users if possible.
  7. Enable the ability to resend the email until it is opened.
  8. Put an introductory note that explains why it is important your users takes your survey.
  9. Put a nice thank you note at the end of your Survey.
  10. Use our Data Browser to get details and insights about your audience.
  11. Consider putting the Survey in a SMS. EmailsAndSurveys Surveys are responsive!

Click Here to Watch How to Create Survey in EmailsAndSurveys