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Sending an Email Campaign For Best Practices

/ Sending an Email Campaign For Best Practices

Sending email on the web is as much as an art as it is a science. Internet Service Providers(ISP) and Email client providers attempt to flag email as SPAM while in flight and once it arrives in your In Box for security reasons and improve your end user experience with their software.

A successful email campaign will have the following qualities.

  1. A customized FROM address.  We highly recommend you set up a Trusted Domain.
  2. Personalize the email as much as possible.  Leverage our ability to put dynamic content in your email such as a first and last name. 
  3. A good subject line. The shorter the better, but you want to avoid words that would ask a user to buy or do something. A look in your current Junk folder will give you examples of what not to use.
  4. Do not build a flashy email. A good example of what not to do will be in your Junk email folder.
  5. But, build a beautiful email and have fun with it. Your end users will appreciate quality that is visually appealing. Consider having one of our designers build you a nice template for as low as 100 dollars.
  6. If you have a known relationship with your subscriber, consider sending a text based email or an SMS and introduce yourself. You can ask  the member configure their email client to trust your sending address by adding that user as a contact.  
  7. If there is an "ask"  in the email to take an action, consider putting the "ask" in an image to avoid SPAM filters.
  8. Avoid not have too many images in your email. The ISP's are getting good at this SPAM prevention and the rules are always changing.
  9. Check how your email will render in a phone, iPad and traditional computer. Our emails are responsive so they should correctly account for how it is opened.
  10. ALWAYS Test your emails to a small group first.
  11. ALWAYS perform an SPAM test using EmailsAndSurveys SPAM check to look for offensive words. It can be challenging and you will be surprised at some of the trigger words. Keep them to a minimum.
  12. Resend the email to those who have not opened the email after a few days.