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Maintain Customer Relationships using EmailsAndSurveys

/ Maintain Customer Relationships using EmailsAndSurveys

During the Covid-19 pandemic, organic website traffic and conversions have dropped for many small businesses. According to June’s CMO Survey, companies report customers are 67% less likely to convert. One perceived reason for this decline is that customers are exercising more discretion with their spending. They are much more likely to purchase goods and services from companies that they trust. In fact, the same survey indicates that customers are prioritizing their trust in a company over low prices.

For marketers, that means that a deep promotion is less likely to drive growth, making it more important now than ever before that you establish and maintain strong relationships with customers.

How can you build strong brand loyalty in an increasingly competitive digital landscape? EmailsAndSurveys can help.


Maintain Customer Relationships using EmailsAndSurveys


EmailsAndSurveys makes sure your content gets seen.

EmailsAndSurveys offers a full-featured SMS service so you decide whether you want to email your customer or send them an SMS. Customers can be sensitive about receiving too many texts, but when used in the right way, SMS messaging ensures that your audience receives your content. Within the EmailsAndSurveys platform, you can hold a one-on-one conversation with customers directly in our CRM. From email campaigns to SMS, EmailsAndSurveys is the only solution that provides the tools you need for any situation. Soon you’ll even have the ability to host Zoom conferences and make voice calls to your customers—all within EmailsAndSurveys!


Maintain Customer Relationships using EmailsAndSurveys


EmailsAndSurveys helps maintain 1-on-1 relationships with customers at scale.

Once customers have seen your content, EmailsAndSurveys provides the necessary tools to track and manage customer engagement all in one place. With our user-friendly CRM tool for marketers, you can communicate directly with your customers. Through the EmailsAndSurveys CRM system, you can track customer behavior, making it easy to build new segments and target audiences based on previous interactions. In a consumer landscape predicated on trust and relationships, your marketing tools become even more powerful. Sign up for EmailsAndSurveys today to build trust with your customers through personalized marketing communications.